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November 15, 2021:  JSC Building 30 and NASA Ellington Field observations are partially back on line.  While not on our primary website the data is available at other locations.  JSC Building 30 is at and    Similarly for NASA Ellington Field: and   Yay!

October 6, 2021 Update:  JSC Building 30 and NASA Ellington Field observations may occasionally, primarily M-F during work hours, be online at while we conduct some testing for a routine return of the data to the web.  Future data may or may not reside upon the main SMG web site.  Stay tuned!

January 4, 2021 Update:  Some graphics and satellite imagery may be restored within the next week but Bldg 30 data likely to remain offline for the rest of January.

January 26, 2021 Update:  No change.  IT and network outage still preventing SMG sourced products from appearing on the web.  A request has been made to open the comm links required. 

March 2, 2021: Update:  SMG network comm restoration still on hold pending other priorities.

March 29, 2021:  Update.  Communication paths to put KSC/USAF Eastern Range graphics on the SMG website have been restored.  The Eastern Range wind towers are also being sent to MADIS and the Utah MesoWest again.  Still one more IT network hurdle to complete to get JSC Building 30 and NASA Ellington Field observations back on the website and into MADIS.