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Thank you for attending one of our Skywarn Spotter Training Sessions! We appreciate your assistance in helping protect life and property across southeast Arizona. The material on this page is for your reference.


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Reporting Criteria

Weather Phenomena

Please Report the following to NWS Tucson:


Gusts of 50 mph or more (measured), any wind-related damage


The size of dimes (3/4" diameter) or larger; large amounts of small hail; hail covering a roadway and causing a hazard

Heavy Rain

Rainfall >0.50” in less than 1 hr (immediate reports only please)

Flash Flooding

Road closures due to flooding, flooding in buildings, water 8” deep flowing across a road causing a hazard


Tornadoes or funnel clouds


A wall of dust, dust channel causing a hazard

Winter Weather

1” of snow accumulation on roadways <5000 ft elevation;

2” or more snow accumulation >5000 ft elevation.

Low Visibility

Less than 1 mile for any reason (dust, fog, snow, smoke)


Any other weather-related damage, injury or fatality.



Ways to Make a Storm Report

Spotter Hotline: Please see the Spotter Information Sheet you received in class for Hotline information. Alternately, the Hotline was provided during your virtual training class.

Please call with your spotter number ready. Be sure to report what you saw, when you saw it, where you saw it and how long it lasted (if applicable). Try to keep your call short if possible.

X (Twitter): @NWSTucson – Please post to us directly or use #azwx  

Facebook: US National Weather Service Tucson


Online Reporting

Wind Speed and Hail Size Estimation Guide


Remember to only make a report when it is safe to do so!


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