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NWS Cleveland Snow Amount Forecast Graphics

These are snow accumulation graphics produced by the NWS Cleveland Meteorologists.

Storm Total Snowfall Forecast

see the Weather PLUs page for snow amounts in 6 hour time steps

Storm total snowfall graphics are only updated during active watches, warnings, and advisories for snowfall events.

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storm total snowfall

6-hr Snowfall Forecasts

*please look at ending times on each graphic

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Observed Snowfall (during last 24 hours)

observed snowfall over the last 24 hours

observed snowfall from the past 24 hours

observed snowfall from the past 24 hours

snowfall legend

Observed Snowfall (during last 48 hours)

observed snowfall from the last 48 hours

observed snowfall from previous 48 hours

observed snowfall from the last 48 hours

snowfall legend

Modeled Snow Depth

Current Snow Depthsnow depth legend


Observed Snow Depth

 Observed Snow Depth - snowbelt counties of NE OH/NW PA













observed snow depth














observed snow depth

snowfall legend



The Preliminary Local Storm Reports are used to disseminate multiple types of storm reports received by the NWS Cleveland, including wind, wind damage, hail, tornadoes, heavy rainfall, and snowfall in excess of 2 inches.  To see previous versions of this go to the Preliminary Local Storm Report.

NWUS51 KCLE 210018

818 PM EDT THU APR 20 2017

..TIME... ...EVENT... ...CITY LOCATION... ...LAT.LON...
..DATE... ....MAG.... ..COUNTY LOCATION..ST.. ...SOURCE....

0710 PM HAIL CORRY 41.93N 79.64W
04/20/2017 M1.00 INCH ERIE PA PUBLIC





The Public Information Statement below is used for a variety of information including, but not limted to, rainfall summaries, wind gust summaries, snow spotter reports, NWR outages, etc.  When snowfall has been observed this product will be available two to three times a day with a summary of snowfall reports recieved at the NWS Cleveland.  To see previous versions of this product go to: Public Information Statement  To see snowfall reports in exess of 2 inches see the Local Storm Reports on the next tab.

NOUS41 KCLE 261245

Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Cleveland OH
845 AM EDT Wed Apr 26 2017

TO:Emergency Management Officials, News Media,and Other Users

SUBJECT: River Forecast Services for the Nimishillen Creek in
North Industry Ohio will be modified effective July 10, 2017.

Effective Thursday Monday July 10, 2017 the National Weather Service
will change the official flood stage at the Nimishillen official
forecast point at North Industry. The minor, moderate, and major
flood stages will be changed from the current stages of 9.0, 10.0,
12.0 feet respectively to 10.0, 12.0, and 13.0 feet.

Minor flooding is defined as the point at which property is
inundated or a flooded roads cut off emergency access. Moderate
flooding is considered the stage at which numerous roads are
threatened or a few low lying properties become inundation. Major
flood stage is considered the point where flood waters cause major
property damage or extreme threat to life. Based on the impacts
associated with specific river stages, it is recommended that the
minor flood stage be raised to 10.0 feet, moderate flood stage to
12.0 feet, and the major flood stage to 13.0 feet.

It is necessary for the National Weather Service to periodically update
flood stages at river forecast points as changes, both natural
and manmade, occur over a watershed. These updates are needed to
ensure the best quality river forecasts and resulting warnings to
local communities. The NWS, Ohio River Forecast Center (OHRFC),
and Local and County Officials have supported the above

The data and forecasts for is site can be found at:

Additional river forecasts can be found at:

The data for these sites are provided by our partner the USGS.
Without this critical data forecasts and warnings would not be possible.
The USGS website is : HTTP://OH.WATER.USGS.GOV

For further information regarding this change please contact

Sarah Jamison
Senior Service Hydrologist
National Weather Service Cleveland Ohio