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Heavy Snow For Portions of the Northeast; Great Lakes

Moderate to heavy snow will return to the Northeast and New England over the next couple of days. Heavy Lake Effect Snow will continue to the lee of the Great Lakes. Light snow will fall across portions of the Tennessee Valley; working into the Mid-Atlantic by mid-week. Meanwhile, elevated fire weather conditions will continue in southern California. Read More >


The late afternoon into the evening of Tuesday, February 28 brought a favorable setup for severe weather, including strong tornadoes across much of the Mid-Mississippi Valley and Lower Great Lakes regions.

Fast Facts:

  • There were seven tornadoes confirmed in the NWS Chicago County Warning Area (CWA), including one that started in the NWS Lincoln CWA (Washburn to Rutland).  Public Information Statement
  • In total, there were ten tornadoes confirmed across all of northern Illinois that includes three in the NWS Quad Cities CWA.
  • The strongest were two tornadoes rated EF-3 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale -- one impacting the communities of Naplate and Ottawa, and the other Washburn, both causing significant damage.
  • The Naplate to Ottawa tornado killed two persons and injured 14.
  • The largest hail reported in the area was in Ottawa, to the size of baseballs.
  • Tornadoes also impacted southern IL, MO, IA, IN, KY, and MI. See this regional map for more.

Storm Map
Storm Event Map

Naplate-Ottawa Storm

Tornado #1 (EF-0)

Tornado #2 (EF-3):

  • Naplate (LaSalle)
  • Ottawa (LaSalle)

Tornado #3 (EF-1)

  • Marseilles Area (LaSalle)

Tornado #4 (EF-0)

Washburn-Rutland Storm

Tornado #5 (EF-3):

  • Washburn (Woodford): 
  • Rutland (LaSalle)

Tornado #6 (EF-2):

  • Near Long Point (LaSalle/Livingston)

For more on the Washburn area, please visit NWS Lincoln

Oregon Storm

Tornado #7 (EF-1):

  • Oregon (Ogle) 


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