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2019 New Mexico Severe Weather Overview

Severe weather typically occurs across central and eastern New Mexico, however, there are occasionally reports west of the mountains, and many times those are flash flood reports. The map below shows the spatial variation of severe weather reports for 2019.  Click on an individual balloon for more details on the event. As reports continue to trickle in from December 27th, this map will be updated. 

Severe weather is defined as hail greater than or equal to 1 inch, thunderstorm wind gusts greater than or equal to 58 mph, a flash flood or a tornado. However, prior to January 5, 2010, the criteria for severe hail was 3/4 inch. For consistency, the table below, as well as the map above, includes all severe weather reports, including hail reports as small as 3/4 inch.  This year, the National Weather Service in Albuquerque received 213 severe weather reports. The total number of severe weather reports across the state as a whole was 292. These totals do not include wind gusts greater than or equal to 58 mph that occurred from non-thunderstorm wind events. It should be noted, however, that winds less than 58 mph can blow over high profile vehicles, toss trampolines and cause tree damage to unhealthy trees.
Please check out the "Severe Weather Review" for a detailed summary of the top severe weather events that occurred in New Mexico in 2019, severe weather statistics and other interesting severe weather tidbits. We hope you enjoy looking down memory lane. Thank you to all those who submitted reports last year! Without you, this wouldn't be possible!
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