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Storms developed over northwest South Dakota during the early morning hours of July 19, 2019 and tracked eastward, persisting all the way across northern South Dakota and into west central Minnesota. The storms were prolific wind producers with wind speeds anywhere from 59 to 79 mph recorded by weather instruments. Many reports of tree damage, roof damage and structural damage occurred in the storms path. 

In Aberdeen, SD a localized area of intense winds occurred on the southwest side of town, near the intersection of 6th Ave and S 2nd St. A store marquee sign was torn down and pieces tossed a block away, framing for new construction was flattened, and significant shingle damage occurred. Eye witnesses noted some rotation as debris was lofted into the air. This may have been cause by a 'gustnado'. A gustnado is a small, whirlwind which typically forms on the leading edge of a straight-line wind producing thunderstorm. Gustnadoes do not connect with the cloud-base and therefore are not considered tornadoes, but instead are classified as thunderstorm wind events. Based off damage, winds in this small area of Aberdeen were likely in the 80-90 mph range. The automated weather station at the Aberdeen Airport recorded 79 mph winds.

Storms transitioned from linear, wind producing storms to single cell rotating storms, or supercell storms, as they moved over west central MN. Hail and funnel clouds were reported in Traverse county. 

Shelf Cloud Near Andover 

Photo Courtesy of Michelle Johnson

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