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  • Fire Weather Forecast by County for Northeast/Central SD & Extreme West-Central MN

Corson(SDZ003), Campbell(SDZ004), McPherson(SDZ005), Brown(SDZ006), Marshall(SDZ007), Roberts(SDZ008), Walworth(SDZ009), Edmunds(SDZ010), Day(SDZ011), Dewey(SDZ015), Potter(SDZ016), Faulk(SDZ017), Spink(SDZ018), Clark(SDZ019), Codington(SDZ020), Grant(SDZ021), Hamlin(SDZ022), Deuel(SDZ023), Stanley(SDZ033), Sully(SDZ034), Hughes(SDZ035), Hyde(SDZ036), Hand(SDZ037), Traverse(MNZ039), Jones(SDZ045), Big Stone(MNZ046), Lyman(SDZ048), Buffalo(SDZ051)

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