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Despite it being September, the severe weather ingredients necessary for severe weather including tornadoes came together Monday afternoon/evening: plenty of moisture (65 to 70 degree dewpoints), low cloud bases, wind shear (change of wind direction/strength with height), and just enough instability ahead of a low pressure system. The first tornadoes of the day occurred in Hamlin and Codington Counties, and several others followed in Day County a few hours later. While no injuries were reported with this activity, a couple farmsteads did sustain damage. Hail and strong straight-line winds also occurred on occasion with these storms, as did heavy rainfall. The last time tornadoes occurred in September in South Dakota was on the 15th and 19th in 2017, and on the 30th in 2014.

Radar Reflectivity from 4pm to 10pm CDT Monday Sept 9, 2019
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