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April 29th

Local and Regional Events:

April 29, 1942:

An estimated F3 tornado moved east through Marshall County, destroying almost every building on a farm northeast of Kidder. Barns were heavily damaged on two other farms. One person was reported killed, with five others injured.


Local Climate Information:

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U.S.A and Global Events for April 29th:

1910: The temperature at Kansas City MO soared to 95 degrees to establish a record for the month of April. Four days earlier the afternoon high in Kansas City was 44 degrees following a record cold morning low of 34 degrees. 


1987: A storm off the southeast coast of Massachusetts blanketed southern New England with heavy snow on the 28 through the 29th. Totals of three inches at Boston, 11 inches at Milton, and 17 inches at Worcester Massachusetts were records for so late in the season. Princeton Massachusetts was buried under 25 inches of snow.



1991: Southeast Bangladesh was devastated by a tropical cyclone with sustained winds of approximately 155 mph in the during the late night hours. A 20-foot storm surge inundated the offshore islands south of Chittagong and pushed water from the Bay of Bengal inland for miles. Best estimated put the loss of life from this cyclone between 135,000 and 145,000 people. Click HERE for more information from the History Channel.


Bangladesh cyclone near peak intensity on April 29 at 0623 UTC. This image was produced from data from NOAA-11, provided by NOAA.

File:1991 Bangladesh cyclone track.png

The tracking data for the deadly cyclone is from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center.


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