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Enhanced Risk for Severe Thunderstorms Across the Upper Midwest; Flash Flooding Possible from the Upper Midwest to Southern Plains and Desert Southwest Through Friday

Portions of the Upper Midwest will see an increased threat for severe thunderstorms through this evening, with a few strong tornadoes possible. The same region remains on alert for additional flash flood concerns. Heavy rainfall may lead to flash flooding across the Desert Southwest today, and Southern Plains by Friday. Finally, Major-to-record river flooding continues across the Carolinas. Read More >

Weather History - April 30th

Local and Regional Events:

April 30, 1942:

A tornado hit three farms near the northeastern edge of Castlewood. One barn was blown apart, and debris was swept into the house, killing one person. Damage from the estimated F2 tornado was $20,000.

April 30, 2011:

An unyielding low-pressure system moving across North Dakota brought high winds to much of central into parts of northeast South Dakota. Northwest winds of 35 to 50 mph with gusts to over 60 mph occurred from the morning to the late evening of the 30th. The high winds did cause some property damage across the region. A semi was tipped over on Highway 50 in Buffalo County; a large sign was brought down in Highmore, with some damage to security lights and twisted traffic signals in Pierre. Some of the highest wind gusts included 59 mph at Eagle Butte, 61 mph at Oacoma, 66 mph in Corson County, and 69 mph at Hayes in Stanley County.


U.S.A and Global Events for April 30th:

1888: 246 people died in the world's deadliest hailstorm in India. Hailstones were reportedly the size of baseballs. 1600 domesticated animals at Moradabad perished. Click HERE for more information from the History


1924: A significant tornado outbreak occurred from Alabama to Virginia on the 29 through the 30th. 26 tornadoes were of F2 intensity or greater. A total of 111 people were killed, and over 1,100 injured. An estimated F4 tornado tore through Steedman and Horrell Hill, SC. This tornado killed 55 people.


1953: An F4 tornado 300 yards in width leveled homes on the north side of Warner-Robins Georgia, and barracks on the south side of the Warner-Robins Air Force Base. 19 people were killed and were 300 injured. Estimated damage was $15 million.

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