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July 19th

Local and Regional Events:

July 19, 1933:

An F2 tornado moved ESE from west of Tulare to 3 miles ENE of Hitchcock. About ten farms had damage, and several barns were destroyed. 


July 19, 2010:

Severe storms produced a wide swath of hail and high winds from northern Butte County, through southern Meade, eastern Pennington, Jackson, and Bennett Counties. Millions of dollars in crop damage was reported, along with some damage to homes and automobiles.


Local Climate Information:

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U.S.A and Global Events for July 19th:

1886: A hurricane from the Gulf of Mexico crossed Florida causing considerable damage from Cedar Keys to Jacksonville. Three early season hurricanes striking Florida made the Hurricane Season of 1886 one of the busiest on record.


2006: A derecho impacted a sellout crowd of almost 44,000 St. Louis Cardinals fans, packed into the new Busch Stadium. Winds of about 80 mph whirled around the St. Louis area, sending the fans running for shelter. The winds knocked out power and broke windows out of the press box. Nearly two minutes after the winds began at 100 mph, they stopped, and it started to rain. In all, about 30 people were injured at the stadium.

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