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June 19th

Local and Regional Events:

June 19, 1894:

A tornado moved NNE, passing 12 miles northwest of Bowdle, ending in extreme southeastern Campbell County. A child was killed, and the mother and four other children were severely injured. A man was killed in another home, and his wife was injured. Fourteen homes were damaged or destroyed. Clothes were said to be torn to shreds and scattered for miles. This tornado was estimated to be an F3.


June 19, 1931:

A tornado moved east from just south of St. Lawrence, passing south of Wessington. Buildings were destroyed on eight farms. Two farms were said to be wiped out, house and all. A woman was injured as she tried to rescue chickens. Cattle, horses, and over 100 hogs were killed. Estimated loss from this storm totaled $32,000. This tornado had an estimated strength of an F3.


June 19, 2013:

Slow moving thunderstorms brought some large hail along with very heavy rains and flash flooding to parts of northeast South Dakota. One thunderstorm produced quarter hail and winds over 50 mph, which caused significant damage to a bean field along with damaging the siding of the house south of Wilmot in Roberts County. Several roads in Wilmot had water running over them for several hours. Over three inches of rain caused water to go over a part of Highway 123 south of Wilmot. The heavy rain of three to four inches brought many flooded roads in and around Veblen in Marshall County.

U.S.A and Global Events for June 19th:

1794: A violent tornado commenced west of the Hudson River in New York. The tornado traveled through Poughkeepsie then crossed the border into Connecticut where it went through the towns of New Milford, Waterbury, North Haven, and Branford. It then continued into Long Island Sound. The tornado did extensive damage, and the funnel was reported by one observer to look like the "aurora borealis."


2004: Annette Island, Alaska set an all-time record high temperature of 93 degrees. Since record keeping began in 1941, Annette Island has seen 90-degree temperatures four times.


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