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Heavy Rainfall and Flash Flood Threats Shift From Southern Plains to Lower Mississippi Valley; Elevated to Critical Fire Concerns Out West

Heavy to excessive rainfall with flash flood concerns will shift from the southern Plains into the Lower Mississippi Valley. Elevated to Critical Fire weather threats will linger through the weekend across the Great Basin and central Rockies. Finally, Major to Record river flooding will continue in portions of the Midwest and across parts of North and South Carolina this weekend. Read More >

Weather History Archive

Weather History - June 30th

Local and Regional Events:

June 30, 1991:

Thunderstorms dropped over 2 inches of rain over Brown, Marshall, and Roberts County. The rain washed out many county roads and flooded low-lying areas. Several streets were impassable in Aberdeen. Officially, Aberdeen recorded 1.91 inches of rain.


June 30, 1992:

An F2 tornado lifted a roof off a house 18 miles east of Pierre. A barn was destroyed, and power lines and trees were downed. Also, an estimated wind gust of 61 mph was observed 5 miles west of Miller in Hand County.


U.S.A and Global Events for June 30th:

1792: The first recorded tornado in Canadian history struck the Niagara Peninsula between Foothill and Port Robinson, leveling some houses and uprooting trees between the communities.


1900: The combination of high winds and the presence of wooded fuel-filled cargo helped to spread fire on the Hoboken Docks in New Jersey. The fire began when cotton bales caught fire and spread to nearby volatile liquids. The fire killed at least 300 people and was seen in New York City. Click HERE for more information from the History Channel. Click HERE for pictures.


1912: An estimated F4 tornado ripped through Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada on this day. The storm became the deadliest tornado in Canada's history as it killed 28 people along a rare, 18.5-mile track from south to north.


1999: Mount Baker, Washington closed out a record snowfall season both for the United States and the verifiable world record as the seasonal total from July 1, 1998, to June 30, 1999, finished with 1,140 inches.

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