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Weather History - March 3rd

Local and Regional Events:

March 3, 1994:

The melting of a very high snowpack resulted in flooding along the James River, as well as other lowlands and farmland. Widespread problems included damaged roads, washed out culverts, and flood damage to homes, especially basement flooding.

U.S.A and Global Events for March 3rd:

1896: The temperature in downtown San Francisco, California fell to 33 degrees, which was the lowest ever for the city in March. 


1966: An F5 tornado hit Jackson, Mississippi killing 54 persons. Click HERE for more information from the NWS Office in Jackson, Mississippi.


1991: A major ice storm coated parts of central and northwestern New York State with up to two inches of ice. Damage was totaled at $375 million dollars. It was the most costly natural disaster ever in the state up until that time. Nearly half a million people were without power at the height of the storm and many would not see their power restored until the 16th.


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