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November 23rd

Local and Regional Events:

November 23, 1996:

Heavy snow of 6 to 8 inches fell across most of northern South Dakota, adding to already significant snow depth. Roads became snow-packed, which hampered travel, resulting in the postponement of many activities. Some snowfall amounts included 6 inches at Aberdeen, Isabel, Roscoe, and Mellette; 7 inches at Eagle Butte, Timber Lake, Selby, Faulkton, Leola, Frederick, Webster, and Sisseton; and 8 inches at Britton, Ipswich, Eureka, and McLaughlin.


U.S.A and Global Events for November 23rd:

1912: The Rouse Simmons was a three-masted schooner famous for sinking during a violent storm on Lake Michigan on this day. The ship was bound for Chicago with a cargo of Christmas trees when it foundered off the coast of Two Rivers, Wisconsin, killing all on board.

File:Rouse Simmons 1913 Photo from the Marine Review.jpg

Above is a photograph of the Rouse Simmons "The Christmas Tree Ship." It is suspected to be the last photo of the ship before it sunk in November 1912. The caption on the photograph states that it was published in the Marine Review in 1913 making it in the public domain in the United States.

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