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Local and Regional Events:

October 25, 1954:

A storm dumped snow over the region with the highest snowfall amounts at Devils Tower with sixteen inches. Other snowfall totals from the area included four inches in Colony and Faith, eight inches in Custer and Lead, and eleven inches in Spearfish.


U.S.A and Global Events for October 25th:

1918: The Canadian steamship Princess Sophia carrying miners from the Yukon and Alaska becomes stranded on Vanderbilt Reef. A strong northerly gale hampers rescue attempts the day before. The ship sinks on this day, killing the 268 passengers and 75 crewmen on board. Click HERE for images of Princess Sophia from Alaska's Digital Archives.



1921: A devastating category 3 hurricane struck near Tarpon Springs, Florida. The storm caused 8 fatalities and is the latest in the calendar year a category 3 hurricane or stronger made landfall in the US. Click HERE for more information from the NWS Office in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Oct 25, 1921 Tampa Bay Hurricane

The image above is from a tweet by the NWS Office in Tampa Bay, Florida.


1975: GOES-1, which was launched on October 16th, produced its first image of the earth on this day.

Oct 25, 1975 GOES1

The image above is courtesy of the NOAA Photo Library.  


1977: Dutch Harbor in Alaska reported a barometric pressure reading of 27.31 inches (925 millibars) to establish an all-time record for the state.


2003: A fire began in the Cuyamaca Mountains spread quickly due to Santa Ana Winds. As of 2017, this fire, called Cedar Fire, remains the largest recorded wildfire in California history, burning 273,246 acres.

Oct 25, 2003 Cedar Fire

The image above is from a tweet by the NWS Office in San Diego, California.


2008: A storm packing winds of more than 60 mph hits central Alberta. In Edmonton, the strongest October wind ever recorded reaches 64 mph, cutting power to 4,000. The winds blow free sheet metal, parts of billboards, garbage cans, and pieces of trees around the city.


2017: The high temperatures in Denver, Colorado was 84 degrees. By the morning hours on the 27th, the temperature fell to 13 degrees, a 71-degree change.

Oct 25, 2017 Denver Info

The image above is from a tweet by the NWS Office in Boulder, Colorado. Please note, the information is from 2017.


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