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September 11th

Local and Regional Events:

September 11, 1978:

High winds to 65 mph damaged the roofs of several barns outside of Watertown during the early evening.


Local Climate Information:

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U.S.A and Global Events for September 11th:

1900: The remnants of the Great Galveston Hurricane were located over central Iowa on this day. Eastern Nebraska, northwest Iowa, and southern Minnesota show four-plus inches of rain from this storm.

Above was the surface map on September 11th, 1900. The remnants of Hurricane Galveston were located over central Iowa.


1992: Hurricane Iniki struck the island of Kaua’i with winds of 145 mph and a central pressure of 27.91 inches of mercury, making it a Category 4 hurricane. Iniki is the strongest hurricane to strike the Hawaii Island in recent history.


Above is Hurricane Iniki at peak intensity on September 11 at 2358 UTC. This image was produced from data from NOAA-11, provided by NOAA.

Above is a close-up view of Hurricane’s Iniki track over western Hawaii.

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