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Areal flooding and major river flooding continues across northern South Dakota. The combination of significant melting of a heavy winter snow pack and precipitation from the most recent storm system has set the stage for this flooding.  

For the most recent and updated river levels and forecasts click on the link below to view the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Services webpage.



  • Record flooding is occurring on the Elm River near Westport and the James River at Columbia

The Elm River near Westport reached a record stage of 22.68 feet as of 1pm CDT Wednesday.  This exceeded the old record crest of 22.11 feet set on 4/10/1969 (a crest of 21.56 feet was recorded on 3/30/1997).  Some additional rise in the river is likely before the river reaches its expected crest on Thursday afternoon.

The James River near Columbia reached a record stage of 18.64 feet as of 330pm CDT Wednesday.  The previous record crest of 18.63 feet was set on 4/30/1997. The James River at Columbia will continue to rise reaching a crest of around 19.20 feet by Friday morning.  


  • Major flooding is currently occurring on the James River at Ashton

The James River at Ashton is expected to rise until it crests around 15.30 feet around April 1st.  Major flooding will continue.  


  • Minor flooding is currently occurring on the James River at Stratford, Big Sioux River near Watertown, Little Minnesota River at Peever, and the Grand River at Little Eagle.

With the exception of the James River at Stratford, these rivers levels will continue to level off or decline.


Below are photos of major flooding associated with the Elm and Maple Rivers taken on March 25th.  



Elm River near Ordway


Simmons Park near Frederick - Maple River


Town of Frederick



Town of Westport


Town of Westport



Ordway - Elm River


Ordway - Elm River