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Heavy Rainfall and Flash Flood Threats From the Lower Mississippi Valley Into Ohio/Tennessee Valleys; Elevated to Critical Fire Concerns Out West

Heavy to excessive rainfall with flash flood concerns will be possible from the Lower Mississippi Valley into parts of the Ohio/Tennessee Valleys. Elevated to Critical Fire weather threats will persist across the Great Basin and central Rockies. Finally, Major to Record river flooding will continue in portions of the Midwest and across parts of North and South Carolina. Read More >


A warm and humid airmass, combined with a frontal boundary draped across the area led to the formation of several supercell thunderstorms over sections of central South Dakota on 16 June 2009.  Multiple reports of funnel clouds were relayed to the NWS in Aberdeen, and there were several confirmed tornado touchdowns.  Due to the abundant moisture, many of the tornadoes likely became "rain wrapped" which prevented spotters from seeing additional funnel clouds or tornadoes.  Two of the more distinct tornadoes are shown below -- one from Corson County (near McLaughlin) and a second from far southeastern Hand County.   All of the tornadoes that developed on Tuesday, including the two shown below,  were rather brief lasting only a few minutes.  No damage was reported from any of the confirmed tornadoes.     



Photo 1:  Funnel cloud reported near McLaughlin around 1220pm CDT.  Photo courtesy of Kerry and Dawn Konold.


 Photo 2:  Tornado reported near McLaughlin around 1230pm CDT.  Photo courtesy of Kerry and Dawn Konold.


Photo 3:  Tornado near the intersection of 213th and 370th Avenue in Hand County around 400pm CDT.  The tornado was on the ground for approximately 10 to 12 minutes and remained nearly stationary.  As shown in the photo, the tornado remained primarity over a CRP field and thus there was no damage reported.  Photo courtesy of Hand County Sheriff.


Photo 4:  Photograph taken near the intersection of 205th and 369th Avenue in Hand County around 350pm CDT.  The Hand County Sheriff was located a few miles north of the storm.  This is likely the "rear flank downdraft" of the supercell storm.  Photo courtesy of Hand County Sheriff.