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Thunderstorms are expected to develop in eastern Montana and drop to the southeast through the western Dakotas. Some of the storms may be strong to severe as they move into central South Dakota, mainly after midnight tonight.
With the pattern we're in, there is the potential for thunderstorms over the next few days. If you have outdoor plans over the weekend, make sure to stay weather aware and have a way to receive severe weather warnings.
Will you be spending time outdoors? Be aware of the forecast, have a way to get warnings, know where you'll go if lightning or stronger storms near your location, and take action when you need to.
85% of all wildfires are caused by humans! With that in mind, consider viewing a public show instead of doing your own fireworks. If you are setting off fireworks: Obey all local laws, light 1 at a time, stay away from dry grass and other flammable objects, have a water bucket and hose nearby, and wet down used fireworks.