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Siloam EF-0 Tornado (Sumter County)
February 7, 2018

Estimated Maximum Wind:
80 mph
Damage Path Length:
1.98 miles
Maximum Path Width:
150 yards 
Approximate Start Point/Time:
5 N Ward 32.4284/-88.2756 at 5:11 am CST
Approximate End Point/Time:
5 NNE Ward 32.4257/-88.2419 at 5:14 am CST
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The National Weather Service surveyed damage near Siloam in southern Sumter County and determined the damage was the result of a tornado. The tornado started on the east side of a private lake south of Buck Creek where it downed 2 trees, one causing minor damage to the westward facing roof of a lake house. The tornado continued generally eastward into a forested area near Buck Creek toward three residences where it downed several trees in a general northerly direction. The tornado continued further east toward a convenience store at the intersection of County Road 9 and Highway 17 where it caused heavy roof damage to the south side of a house and tore two pieces of sheet metal off of the service station on the northeast side. The tornado continued east through a densely forested area with no road access, and timber damage was found further east along a portion of Walker Road between Highway 17 and U.S. Highway 80 where several large trees were downed. The tornado likely dissipated to the east of this point. Dense forest and no roads prevented us from refining the end point.

 Radar Data & Damage Pictures
Radar Image  

This is an image of the 0.5 degree reflectivity (left) and velocity (right) data from KBMX at 512 am CST just after the tornado touched down.



Damage Image Damage Image

Tree Damage

Roof Damage

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