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Tornadoes and Severe Weather of March 2, 2012

Event Summary for Central Alabama

On March 2, 2012, a strong cold front moved through Central Alabama. Severe thunderstorms developed along and ahead of this front. Some of these thunderstorms were supercells. These supercells produced damage across southern and eastern sections of the area. Damaging straight line winds, tornadoes, large hail and localized flooding occurred with this event. The information below is the PRELIMINARY (subject to change) summaries of the tornadoes from this day.

Location/Clickable Detailed Summary Link
Damage Rating/Estimated Maximum Wind Speeds
Damage Path Length/Width
Starting Point/Time
Ending Point/Time
Beechwood (Lowndes County)
110 mph
17.64 miles
400 yards
553 pm
615 pm
Little Oakmulgee Creek (Perry/Dallas/Autauga Counties)
105 mph
18.99 miles
750 yards
915 pm
937 pm
Verbena-Nixburg (Chilton/Coosa Counties)
125 mph
28.58 miles
700 yards
1001 pm
1033 pm
Eagle Creek (Tallapoosa/Chambers Counties)
125 mph
2 Injuries/1 Fatality
34.26 miles
1000 yards
1040 pm
1114 pm
The tornado damage "swaths" as depicted in the image above, and on the individual tornado links, are an estimate of the damage widths along the track.  In other words, the track width may not represent the actual damage in all locations, as we interpolate the values between actual surveyed damage points.  These maps are soley for the purpose of showing the general track of each tornado.  Remember, tornadoes do not always move in straight lines, and the intensity does not remain constant.  It is also possible to have other thunderstorm wind-related damage in close proximity to the tornado tracks from such features as inflow and rear flank downdrafts, which can produce tornado-like damage.

Pertinent Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data from this Event

Local Storm Report Information - Interactive Map

Click on the symbols below for Local Storm Reports from across Central Alabama on March 2nd.  Large hail and damaging winds were primarily reported across northern portions of the state during the late afternoon and early evening hours.  Tornadic supercells developed across the southern counties during the late evening hours on March 2nd.  You can zoom into the map using the mouse wheel or the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons at the top left corner of the map.


Severe Weather Episode Data 

500 mb Mar 2 at 6 am
500 mb Analysis
  Mar 2 at 6 am
500 mb Mar 2 at 6 pm
  500 mb Analysis
  Mar 2 at 6 pm
Sfc Analysis Mar 2 at 12 pm
Surface Analysis
  Mar 2 at 12 pm
Surface Analysis Mar 2 at 6 pm
Surface Analysis
  Mar 2 at 6 pm
Day 2 Outlook 1130 am
Day 2 Severe Weather Outlook
Issued Mar 2 at 1130 am
Day 1 Outlook 1030 am
Day 1 Severe Weather Outlook
Issued Mar 3 at 200 pm
Storm Reports for Mar 1
Storm Reports 03/01/12
Storm Reports for Mar 2
Storm Reports 03/02/12
SHear Map
Shear Map
Upper Air Sounding Mar 2 at 6 am
Upper Air Sounding Mar 2 at 6 am