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Heavy Rain in the Northwest; Winter Weather from the Midwest to Northeast

Heavy rain in the Pacific Northwest will will force sharp rises on the rivers flowing off the Cascades where a Flood Watch has been issued. A storm will track across the Midwest to the Northeast through this weekend bringing a wintry mix over portions of the Midwest and Northeast. South of the storm track, heavy rain will fall from the Lower Mississippi River Valley to the Mid-Atlantic. Read More >

Buffalo Snow Depth Climatology

One measure of  "winter harshness" is the number of days that snow remains on the ground. The graphs below show the number of days during each snow season that certain snow depths were measured. These depths are for the early morning hours (0700 EST). The year on the bottom axis is the later snow season year.  


The average number of days for the past 76 winter seasons are: 

1 inch - 71.2 days       6 inches - 24.6 days     12 inches 8.6 days

ChartObject Number of days - 1 inch or more

ChartObject Number of days - 6 inches or more

ChartObject Number of days - 12 inches or more