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Weather plays a crucial role to the safety of thousands of patrons, vendors and organizers at hundreds of outdoor venues (Fairs, Festivals, Concerts, Holiday Celebrations, Graduations, etc.) annually in Maine.  The NWS can work with Emergency Managers (EM’s) to provide Impact based Decision Support Services (IDSS) for such events. The NWS cannot work directly with event organizers unless there is an imminent or ongoing weather threat.  Weather hazards include thunderstorms, heat, cold, strong winds or flooding.  NWS weather support is designed for those events that as an EM you feel are particularly vulnerable to weather due to location, size or nature of the event.  As resources allow, the NWS is committed to providing IDSS on behalf of the EM community in order to help support public safety.  To assist EM’s this support is broken into 3 tiers: Education, Planning, and Event Day Monitoring.        

Education (Tier 1): Work with the NWS in Caribou well ahead of the event to learn and understand the weather threats.  In addition, provide training on the tools and services provided by the NWS that can assist you before and during your event.  Some educational services that can be provided:

  • Lightning Safety Talks
  • NWS Products and Tools Overview
  • Understanding the Weather Threats of Maine

Planning (Tier 2): Develop a safety plan that includes real-time weather monitoring and safety/evacuation plans. The NWS in Caribou can assist with input relating to monitoring tools and weather safety.

Event Day Monitoring (Tier 3): If Tiers I and II have been successfully implemented Event Day Monitoring will be in place by the EM and/or their designee. This should include ways to monitor NWS warnings and other relevant products including radar/lightning data.  For large events the NWS may be able to supplement Event Day Monitoring by providing additional information directly to the EM or EOC.  However it should be noted that resources may not always be available as our first priority on severe weather days is to issue warnings.  If Event Day Monitoring is requested and can be supported the following services can be provided:

  • The NWS will contact the event EM and coordinate support via the received request form
  • Planning Forecast (Phone or Impact Forecast Matrix)
  • Meteorological watch and event EM notification of threatening weather
  • On-site meteorological support for major outdoor events

Please contact the Warning Coordination Meteorologist (WCM) at 207-492-0180 x223 for outdoor weather support coordination. 

To request NWS weather support for a vulnerable outdoor event in Northern Maine select the following link.

Sign up for Event Weather Support


This form is for Northern Maine (NWS Caribou). If you are looking for outdoor support for another area, please contact your NWS Forecast Office directly.