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Outdoor Weather Support Request

Weather plays a crucial role to the safety of thousands of patrons, vendors and organizers at hundreds of outdoor venues (Fairs, Festivals, Holiday Celebrations, Graduations, etc.) annually in Maine. Hazards can be thunderstorms, heat, cold, strong winds or flooding.  NWS weather support is designed for those events that as an Emergency Manager you feel are particularly vulnerable to weather due to location, size or nature of the event. The NWS is committed to providing decision support services on behalf of the EM community in order to help support public safety.  After submitting a request for weather support, you will be contacted by NWS Caribou to clarify specifics of the event and services to be provided.  Hoping for non-hazardous weather is NOT a plan.

NWS outdoor weather support services for an event includes:
* The NWS will contact the event POC as requested with a weather forecast before the event, with daily updates up to 3 days before the event upon request.
* The NWS will maintain a constant weather surveillance for the event in support of public safety.
* If hazardous weather will impact the event, the NWS will contact the POC as requested.
* The POC is also encouraged to contact NWS at any time for updated weather information.

To request NWS weather support for a vulnerable outdoor event (Attendance >1000) select the following link.

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