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2017 Ohio Severe Weather Poster Contest Winners

Overall State Winner

Macy from Ottawa County, 6th grade

artwork of overall state poster contest winner: "Be An Instructor, Not a Conductor"

     Each year since 1978 the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness, in conjunction with the National Weather Service, have conducted this poster contest.  Winners are selected by region and grade level, with an overall state winner.  This year's overall state poster contest winner was Macy, a 6th grader from Ottawa County.  Congratulations Macy!!

      While the school year is fast approaching, check to see if your school is going to participate in the 2018 Severe Weather Poster Contest (home school entries are also accepted).  The contest is usually announced in January or February with a deadline in April.  This is a great activity to do during Severe Weather Awareness Week held during the month of March. 

     To see the posters of the the regional and grade levels winners and for information on contest rules, please see the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness page.

     Here are the grade level winning posters from the NWS Cleveland county warning area.

1st grade winner (Cuyahoga) 3rd grade state winner (Cuyahoga)
1st Grade State Winner (Cuyahoga Co.) 3rd Grade State Winner (Cuyahoga Co.)
4th Grade State Winner (Erie) 5th Grade State Winner (Trumbull)
4th Grade State Winner (Erie Co.) 5th Grade State Winner (Trumbull Co.)
6th Grade State Winner (Huron)
6th Grade State Winner (Huron Co.)