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Updates from Tornadoes on Wednesday, June 12 in the Brainerd Lakes Region!

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On July 1, 2011, several lines of severe thunderstorms swept across parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Lake Superior, Upper Michigan, Iowa, and South Dakota. The first line of storms was especially severe, and it produced a corridor of wind damage from northwest of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, all the way into northwest Wisconsin and western Lake Superior. Many communities in east-central Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin were impacted by significant wind damage, caused by hurricane-force wind gusts.

Fast Facts

-The National Weather Service in Duluth received over 40 reports of severe weather.

-One tornado was confirmed in northwest Wisconsin, an EF2 tornado southwest of Solon Springs.

-The vast majority of the damage from these storms was associated with straight-line, non-tornadic wind gusts.

-Burnett County, Wisconsin, was one of the hardest hit areas with widespread wind damage. Based on a survey of the damage, wind speeds in parts of Burnett County were estimated to have exceeded 100 mph.

-The National Weather Service in Duluth issued 1 Tornado Warning, 18 Severe Thunderstorm Warnings, 2 Flash Flood Warnings, and 5 Special Marine Warnings. A Tornado Warning was in effect for the area damaged by the tornado. The preliminary average lead time along the tornado path was 22.5 minutes.

-Severe Thunderstorm Warnings were in effect along the entire path of the damaging line of storms. The preliminary combined average lead time for all the wind gusts and wind damage reports associated with the line of storms was approximately 32 minutes.

The line of storms had a stunning visual appearance as they raced through the area at forward speeds of over 60 mph. Many residents observed a shelf cloud, something that is a common occurrence on the leading edge of a strong line of thunderstorms. The shelf cloud usually marks the leading edge of the strong thunderstorm outflow winds.

Event Radar Loop
Image Image Image Image
The shelf cloud near Spooner, Wisconsin.
(Nancy Olson photo)
The shelf cloud near Spooner, Wisconsin.
(Tucker McCumber photo)
Shelf cloud approaching Grantsburg, Wisconsin.
(Ron Wilhelm photo)
Shelf cloud approaching Grantsburg, Wisconsin.
(Ron Wilhelm photo)
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