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The National Weather Service office in Duluth, Minnesota is inviting all community Organizations, Agencies and Businesses to become Weather-Ready Nation (WRN) Ambassadors. 


Weather Ready Nation Ambassadors are leaders in their communities who serve to amplify and expand the reach of National Weather Service messages, including weather safety, seasonal weather information, climatology information, service changes, and other similar information.  The Weather Ready Nation Ambassadors program is also a collaboration between the National Weather Service and community organizations to collaborate on building community resilience to extreme weather by providing information for better decision making. 

We do not send daily weather or hazardous weather updates as part of our Weather Ready Nation Ambassador Program, instead we send information you can use and share with your partners, customers and stakeholders to help them in their extreme weather planning.  Information we distribute through this program can be used in news stories, broadcasts, and other media you produce.  

For more information on the Weather Ready Nation Ambassador Program, please visit:  or to join.


Who are the Northland's Weather-Ready Nation Ambassadors?

WRN Ambassadors as of April, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Who can become an ambassador? Any organization can become an ambassador, from government agencies to faith-based organizations to privately owned resorts and outfitters. Anyone who wants to help others become better prepared for dangerous weather is welcome to apply.

What does my organization get out of it? As an ambassador, we'll work with you to find how we can best work together to build a weather-ready nation. Every organization is unique, so whether you're a small library serving your local community or a large private business that caters to those who spend time outdoors, we'll share weather preparedness information with you to help us amplify our message and create resilient communities.




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