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Heavy snowfall of over 20 inches combined with winds over 50 mph to create blizzard conditions across northeastern Minnesota. The storm hit hardest in the Duluth area and along the western shoreline of Lake Superior, where it will be remembered as the Blizzard of 2007.

Low pressure formed over Oklahoma, strengthening while moving northeastward towards eastern Iowa and southwest Wisconsin. The area of heavy snow occurred to the northwest of the low pressure center, over northwest Wisconsin and northeast Minnesota. Light snow began falling around midnight on the 1st.

Winds began picking up during the morning on Thursday, March 1st, with localized blizzard conditions beginning to be felt around the Duluth area by mid morning. Snow began falling heavily by mid afternoon as the first very intense snow bands arrived with the storm. Snowfall rates were up to 2 inches per hour during the late afternoon and evening hours of the 1st, with zero visibility occurring around Duluth and the north shore of Lake Superior. In addition, thunder was reported for about 6 hours along and east of Interstate 35.

The cities of Duluth and Superior pulled snow plows off the roads by late afternoon, as travel became virtually impossible with sustained winds of
40 to 50 mph with gusts over 60 mph. Park Point was closed to all traffic late on the 1st as huge snowdrifts 10 to 15 feet high covered Minnesota Avenue.

Schools and many businesses were closed March 1st and 2nd. Although areas away from Lake Superior did not experience the intense winds, snowfall totals of over 20 inches were common in most areas along and east of the Interstate 35 corridor by the time the snow tapered to flurries the night of the March 2nd.
Areas near the Canadian border received very little snow.


View a National Weather Service video of the storm at its peak with 60 mph winds here.


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Measuring snow at the NWS There is a car in there somwhere. Digging out. Photo submitted by Pam Bonkoski
Image Image Image
NWS snow stake Clean up was tough without good help. Had to keep the communications dish clean at the NWS
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Park Point Cleanup on Park Point A huge snowdrift covers Hermantown Elementary
Huge snowbanks were left along Park Point.
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Huge snowdrift on Park Point A tunnel to the front door. A huge snowdrift covers a house on Park Point
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