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Winter Storm to Impact the Northland Saturday Night Through Sunday

Another round of heavy snow is expected to impact the Northland Saturday Night through Sunday Morning. Here is the latest briefing issued at 6:12 AM 2/24/2018. Read More >

Cold Snaps of December 2013

At Duluth, MN:


At International Falls, MN:

In December, the Duluth, MN Airport recorded 8 dates in December with a temperature of -15 degrees  or colder.  The coldest temperature recorded in December at the Duluth airport  was -21 on the 30th and 31st. The temperature for the month was
35 degrees  on the 27th.
  The International Falls, MN Airport had a record of 8 days with a temperature of less than -30 F in December. This breaks the old record of 7 days. The coldest temperature was -37 on the morning of the 30th. The high temperature for the month was 34 degrees on the 27th.

Duluth, MN

Record Low Temperatures

Observed 2013

December 29th: -30F -16F
December 30th: -26F -21F
December 31st: -31F -21F

International Falls, MN

Record Low Temperatures

Observed 2013

December 29th: -36F -35F
December 30th: -39F -37F
December 31st: -39F -33F

Top Coldest Decembers
 (Average Temperature):

Duluth, MN

  • Rank  Value  Year
      1        1.8   1983
      2        3.0   1985
      3        3.7   1924
      4        4.1   1989
      5        4.4   2000, 1917
      7        4.5   1976
      8        4.6   2013

Top Coldest Decembers
 (Average Temperature):
International Falls, MN

  • Rank  Value  Year
      1      -4.3     1983
      2      -4.1     2013
      3      -3.0     1976

      4      -1.5     1989

 Below are listings of observed temperatures and wind chills values across the Northalnd
 from several of the coldest dates this December.  

Note: These values are not nessariliy the lowest values for the date.

Dec 30th Morning Temperatures
click on image for larger view


 Dec 29th: Wind Chills

Dec 29th: Temperatures

Dec 24th; Temperatures 

December 15th; Wind Chills 

December 15th: Temperatures 

December 13th; Wind Chills 

 December 12th: Wind Chills

 December 12th: Temperatures

December 11th; Wind Chills 

December 11th: Temperatures 

December 8th; Temperatures 

December 6th; Wind Chills