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Overall a Tranquil Late September

Overall it's a tranquil late September with just a few hazards across the U.S. There may be locally heavy rain with possible flooding across the central Plains and from parts of Texas into the Lower Mississippi Valley. It will be warm with above normal temperatures from the Upper Mississippi Valley to the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys. A powerful storm will be located in the Bering Sea near Alaska. Read More >


As recorded in the August 1969 Storm Data publication:

During the day and evening August 6, two relatively large storm areas (radar echoes 25 to 35 mile diameter, composed of several irregular cells) moved on a heading of 80 degrees and parallel. The centers were about 60 miles apart. The northerly storm area moved in from North Dakota between Fargo and Grand Forks; the southerly storm area of concern developed rapidly north of Wadena about 3:30pm CDT and both storms moved east across the state. From these two storm areas were spawned two major wind-hailstorms, twelve tornadoes, and one waterspout. The storm killed 15 persons, injured 106 persons, caused 4.8 million dollars property and public utility damage, 1.2 million dollar timber loss, 2.0 million crop dollars loss.


This tornado outbreak, referred to as the Northwoods Tornado Outbreak of 1969, included the deadliest F-4 tornado to ever occur in northern Minnesota. The damage, estimated at around $8 million dollars in 1969, is the equivalent of about $55 million dollars in 2019.

A map of the tornadoes that occurred on August 6, 1969 from historical "Minnesota Climatplogical Data" publication from the Department of Commerce and University of Minnesota Weather Bureau State Climatologist.
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