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***Updated information as of 12:00 PM Saturday, June 15, 2024. This website is not fully complete and will continue to be updated as more information is gathered and assessed by NWS Duluth Meteorologists. Check back often over the next few days.***


Tornado warned storm near Crosslake, MN. This thunderstorm would go on to produce three tornadoes, 2 EF-2 and 1 EF-0. Photo courtesy of Jason Bednar. 


Numerous severe thunderstorms moved across north-central and northeast Minnesota on the evening of Wednesday, June 12, 2024, producing large hail to the size of baseballs, isolated thunderstorm wind damage, and several tornadoes. Two distinct supercell storms produced four tornadoes (rated EF-0 and EF-2) across portions of Crow Wing, Aitkin, and Carlton Counties between roughly 6:15 PM and 7:30 PM. The supercell that tracked through Crow Wing and Aitkin County produced three separate tornadoes, first on/near Upper Whitefish Lake across to Clamshell Lake, or west of Crosslake, where a wide, sharp path of damage was found. This tornado dissipated, with a second tornado forming south of Wolford, west of Rabbit Lake (north of Crosby). This second tornado appeared to have a mainly continuous path of damage from near Wolford to Rabbit Lake to Cedar Lake to Hammal Lake. There may have been a break in this tornado as it traveled across the Crow Wing State Forest, but a combination of storm chaser and spotter video as well as ground surveys seemed to indicate a mainly consistent path of damage. This supercell then later produced a weak, wispy tornado with no known damage near Glen, MN, with the particular length of this tornado unknown due to limited access in this area. While this supercell was ongoing, a separate supercell briefly produced a weak tornado in northwest Carlton County where mainly minor tree damage (large branches, a few trees snapped) was observed north of Wright, MN. No injuries or fatalities were reported, and NWS Duluth had a Tornado Warning in effect for these storms for the duration of time they produced tornadoes.

Another supercell thunderstorm tracked across northeast St. Louis, northern Lake, and extreme southern Cook counties. NWS Duluth has not received reports of damage from that storm as of this evening and a survey team did not find damage along the North Shore on Thursday. We continue to look for information about this storm and any potential hail or wind damage it may have produced.

This information is preliminary in nature and will likely be revised as we continue to review additional reports, images, and videos. NWS Duluth sincerely appreciates the coordination with our state and local partners including Emergency Management and Sheriff Departments at Carlton, Aitkin, and Crow Wing Counties as well as the Minnesota State Patrol. We also sincerely appreciate the images and video shared with us by our local media partners.

A view of the Wolford to Rabbit Lake to Cedar Lake to Hammal Lake Tornado from near Highway 210 and County Road 32 west of Aitkin. This view is looking west between Rabbit Lake and Cedar Lake. Photo courtesy Adam Schneider.