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Preview the NEW Radar Website

To check out the new radar site, visit (This will eventually replace the old site, )

The new radar site allows you to view both national and local radar imagery, and views can be saved/bookmarked*. Some examples include:

Note: The high resolution ("Super Resolution") radar imagery is not available on the old site - the new site will have better resolution imagery compared to the old site. The new site also offers more radar products compared to the old site. 

Provide your feedback

What do you think about the new site? Now is the time to share your feedback! Take the survey at (Note: the developers cannot respond to feedback from this survey - if you would like a response, please email the development team directly at )

For more information about the new site, please see the Public Information Statement and Product Description Document.

*Don't update your bookmarks just yet!

This site is only temporary and may go down/change without notice. This is a temporary preview of what the new radar website will look like, and the final version will likely look and feel different. The new site will have a different URL, so while you can use this site for now, it will be replaced with a different URL when it officially replaces the old site. This will likely happen sometime this fall.