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Spring Flood Outlook Update (March 1, 2024)

  • Spring Flooding potential across the Northland is below normal based on a historically low amount of water in the snowpack. 

  • Precipitation through early spring will be one of the most important flood risk factors. This outlook does not take into account the risk of flash flooding. 

  • Deep frost could lead to poor infiltration and efficient runoff if heavy rains fall while the ground is still frozen. 

Current Spring Flood Threat Checklist 

Threat Impact to Potential Spring Flooding Links
High River Levels Normal to Below Normal Streamflow USGS WaterWatch MN WI
High Soil Moisture

Normal to Below Normal 

CPC Soil Moisture
Winter Precipitation

Normal to Below Normal

Climate Prediction Center

6 to 10 Day  8 - 14 Day
Current Snowpack/Liquid Equivalent Far Below Normal, Historically Low

Current Snow Water Equivalent Analysis

Snow Water Equivalent Ranking

Rate of Snowmelt Low. Little to no snow left to melt.  24, 48, & 72 hr Snowmelt
Frost Depth Higher Frost Depth Map
Spring Precipitation TBD

Point Forecast (Next 7 Days)

Precip Outlook (Upcoming Weeks)





For more details, please see the full briefing PDF:

Spring Flood Outlook Update (March 15, 2024)