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How often dO Locations across northern Arizona have snow for ChRISTMAS DAY?

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Most people think of white snowy scenes with snow gently falling from the sky when picturing the typical weather during Christmas. But how often does this occur in reality? Over the thirty year period from 1981 to 2010, Flagstaff has recorded at least 1 inch of snow on the ground on Christmas 65% of the time. Measurable snowfall only occurred on Christmas 17% of the time.

The table below shows the historical probability of snow on the ground on Christmas Day at many cities in the United States as compiled over the same thirty year period (1981-2010) using data from the National Centers for Environmental Information.


Location Historical Probability of snow
on the ground for Christmas Day
Phoenix, AZ 0%
Albuquerque, NM 3%
Prescott, AZ 4%
Washington, DC 7%
New York City, NY 8%
Reno, NV 14%
Boise, ID 37%
Chicago, IL 43%
Great Falls, MT 43%
Portland, ME 53%
Flagstaff, AZ 67%
Lander, WY 65%
Salt Lake City, UT 67%
Denver, CO 68%
Madison, WI 77%
Minneapolis, MN 80%
Bismarck, ND 80%
Grand Canyon North Rim 92%
Marquette, MI 94%
Duluth, MN 97%
Blue Canyon, CA 100%
Barrow, AK 100%


What AbOUT OTHER holidays IN Flagstaff?

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When tabulated over the last seventy years the historical probability of snowfall being on the ground at Christmas is around 56% for Flagstaff. The probability of measurable snowfall on Christmas Day is still only 17%. What about on other holidays?
Holiday Historical Probability of 1" or more
snow on the ground
Historical Probability of
snowfall occurring
Most amount of snow
on the ground
Christmas Day 56% 17% 44 inches 1967
New Years Day 61% 16% 28 inches 1968
Valentine's Day 60% 26% 22 inches 2010
St. Patrick's Day 25% 19% 29 inches 1973
April Fool's Day 17% 24% 31 inches 1973