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Active Weather for the Rockies; Southern Plains Storm Taking Shape

Snow showers, squalls and strong winds will affect portions of the Cascades and Rockies through Wednesday. Meanwhile, a developing storm across the Southern Plains will track toward the Great Lakes into Thursday as severe thunderstorms, flash flooding and strong winds are forecast for the Mid-Lower Mississippi Valley. Heavy snow is possible for the Upper Midwest and wintry mix for the Northeast. Read More >

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Safety Rack Cards


Flash Flooding




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Educational Posters in English, Spanish and Diné (Navajo)


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Navajo Poster

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Educational Videos Explaining the Connection between the Weather and Navajo Culture


Ní’tsíí Níłtsą́ Yaahaalne’ - Hair Tells the Weather

English and Navajo

Forecasting for the Navajo Nation: Landscape, Culture and Language