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***Latest Information on Ongoing River Flooding***

Widespread heavy rainfall has produced considerable flooding across the region. Several rivers will rise into Moderate or even Major flood stage over the upcoming days. Here is the latest information on the ongoing flooding. Read More >

Map of snowfall reports for Sunday night and Monday, January 20-21, 2008


0650 AM     SNOW             PICKSTOWN               43.07N 98.53W
01/21/2008  M5.5 INCH        CHARLES MIX        SD   CO-OP OBSERVER

0700 AM     SNOW             4 WNW HERRICK           43.14N 99.26W
01/21/2008  M5.5 INCH        GREGORY            SD   CO-OP OBSERVER

0700 AM     SNOW             HERRICK                 43.12N 99.19W
01/21/2008  E4.0 INCH        GREGORY            SD   CO-OP OBSERVER

0700 AM     SNOW             11 S WHITE LAKE         43.57N 98.71W
01/21/2008  M3.0 INCH        AURORA             SD   CO-OP OBSERVER

0700 AM     SNOW             FAIRFAX                 43.03N 98.89W
01/21/2008  M4.5 INCH        GREGORY            SD   CO-OP OBSERVER

0700 AM     SNOW             8 SSW HERRICK           43.01N 99.25W
01/21/2008  E6.0 INCH        GREGORY            SD   CO-OP OBSERVER

0930 AM     SNOW             FAIRFAX                 43.03N 98.89W
01/21/2008  M4.5 INCH        GREGORY            SD   CO-OP OBSERVER

0312 PM     SNOW             4 N CURRIE              44.13N 95.67W
01/21/2008  M1.0 INCH        MURRAY             MN   TRAINED SPOTTER


0320 PM     SNOW             BROOKINGS               44.31N 96.79W
01/21/2008  M0.8 INCH        BROOKINGS          SD   CO-OP OBSERVER

0322 PM     SNOW             FLANDREAU               44.05N 96.60W
01/21/2008  M1.6 INCH        MOODY              SD   CO-OP OBSERVER

0327 PM     SNOW             2 S WINFRED             43.97N 97.36W
01/21/2008  M1.3 INCH        LAKE               SD   CO-OP OBSERVER

0329 PM     SNOW             MARION                  43.42N 97.26W
01/21/2008  E2.6 INCH        TURNER             SD   CO-OP OBSERVER

0330 PM     SNOW             3 SE SIOUX FALLS        43.51N 96.68W
01/21/2008  M3.0 INCH        MINNEHAHA          SD   NWS EMPLOYEE

0335 PM     SNOW             YANKTON                 42.89N 97.39W
01/21/2008  E7.0 INCH        YANKTON            SD   CO-OP OBSERVER

0339 PM     SNOW             VERMILLION              42.78N 96.93W
01/21/2008  E8.0 INCH        CLAY               SD   CO-OP OBSERVER

0340 PM     SNOW             WAKEFIELD               42.27N 96.87W
01/21/2008  M5.5 INCH        DIXON              NE   CO-OP OBSERVER

0351 PM     SNOW             4 W WORTHINGTON         43.63N 95.68W
01/21/2008  E3.0 INCH        NOBLES             MN   CO-OP OBSERVER

0400 PM     SNOW             SIOUX FALLS             43.54N 96.73W
01/21/2008  M2.7 INCH        MINNEHAHA          SD   OFFICIAL NWS OBS


0400 PM     SNOW             ROCK RAPIDS             43.43N 96.17W
01/21/2008  E4.0 INCH        LYON               IA   CO-OP OBSERVER

0408 PM     SNOW             SPENCER                 43.15N 95.15W
01/21/2008  E4.0 INCH        CLAY               IA   CO-OP OBSERVER

0412 PM     SNOW             2 E STORM LAKE          42.65N 95.16W
01/21/2008  E5.0 INCH        BUENA VISTA        IA   CO-OP OBSERVER

0415 PM     SNOW             2 NE LAKEFIELD          43.70N 95.14W
01/21/2008  E3.5 INCH        JACKSON            MN   CO-OP OBSERVER

0415 PM     SNOW             SIOUX CITY              42.50N 96.39W
01/21/2008  M8.3 INCH        WOODBURY           IA   OFFICIAL NWS OBS

0418 PM     SNOW             CANTON                  43.30N 96.58W
01/21/2008  M4.0 INCH        LINCOLN            SD   CO-OP OBSERVER

0420 PM     SNOW             MARSHALL                44.45N 95.79W
01/21/2008  E0.8 INCH        LYON               MN   CO-OP OBSERVER

0427 PM     SNOW             MITCHELL                43.73N 98.03W
01/21/2008  E2.0 INCH        DAVISON            SD   LAW ENFORCEMENT

0438 PM     SNOW             EVERLY                  43.16N 95.32W
01/21/2008  E6.0 INCH        CLAY               IA   CO-OP OBSERVER

            ESTIMATED 5 TO 6 INCHES.

0456 PM     SNOW             IDA GROVE               42.34N 95.47W
01/21/2008  E7.0 INCH        IDA                IA   LAW ENFORCEMENT

0458 PM     SNOW             HURON                   44.36N 98.22W
01/21/2008  M1.0 INCH        BEADLE             SD   TRAINED SPOTTER

0500 PM     SNOW             ALTON                   42.99N 96.01W
01/21/2008  E3.0 INCH        SIOUX              IA   CO-OP OBSERVER

0527 PM     SNOW             HOLSTEIN                42.49N 95.54W
01/21/2008  E5.5 INCH        IDA                IA   CO-OP OBSERVER

0534 PM     SNOW             HARDWICK                43.78N 96.20W
01/21/2008  M2.5 INCH        ROCK               MN   CO-OP OBSERVER