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 Observations   |   General Information  |  WxCoder

WxCoder - A National Weather Service Cooperative Observation Report Form


WXCODER is a system developed by the National Weather Service that enables Cooperative Weather Observers to send weather observations to the National Weather Service using a web-based form.  If you would like more information on the Cooperative Observer program for the NWS Sioux Falls CWA, please e-mail Jeff Chapman (Observing Program Leader).

If you are already a Cooperative Observer, and are interested in using WXCODER to transmit your observations, please e-mail Jeff Chapman or call our 800 number and ask to speak to Jeff Chapman.

GO TO WXCODER to submit an observation

Helpful Hints for using WxCoder

  • Your Username and Access Code are case-sensitive (lowercase for old form)
  • Select the type of observation:  Daily (24 Hour Totals) -- NOTE: this is the default
  • Verify the date and observation time (if different from the default)

If you need any other assistance in using WxCoder, call our 800 number, and ask to speak to Jeff Chapman. You can also contact him via email at

 Observations   |   General Information  |  WxCoder

Questions, comments, or interest in the Cooperative Observer Program can be directed to Jeff Chapman, Observing Program Leader for the NWS Sioux Falls CWA.