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Dangerous Temperatures Continue!

A stretch of hot and humid conditions persists across the region this weekend.  Daily high temperatures will climb into the 90s today, and overnight lows in the 70s will only provide slight relief. Afternoon heat indices will reach 100 to 110 degrees or higher today, with readings from 95 to 105 expected for most areas again on Sunday.

Excessive heat and humidity can quickly lead to heat related illness, or even death.  It's important to know the signs of heat related illness. If  you experience ANY of the symptoms below, please find assistance immediately! 

Heat Exhaustion vs Heat Stroke


Whether it's on the job, at a sporting event, or just spending a few moments outside, it's important to take the needed precautions to avoid heat related illness.  If not taken seriously, heat illness can set in during a matter of minutes. Don't forget about your pets in this heat.  Serious injury or even death can occur from not taking the proper steps to avoid heat related injuries

Heat Outdoor Activities
Heat Safety Tips Keeping Pets Safe in the Heat



Last, but not least, we urge you to NEVER leave a child, pet, or another person along in an unattended vehicle during the Summer.  The internal vehicle temperatures can heat up quickly and even become deadly with outside temperatures as cool as 80 degrees.  When the outside temperatures pass 90 and 100 degrees, you vehicle will become dangerous in minutes. Here's an example of how quickly the inside of your vehicle will heat up on a day with a high temperature of 95 degrees.