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Additional Rain and Ongoing Flooding in Texas; Snow in the Southern Rockies

The heavy rain in central Texas will shift slightly providing some relief to flood ravaged areas. Flooding and flash flooding will still be possible across portions of Texas. An upper level low will move east from southern California, which will allow California offshore winds to ease reducing fire weather threats. As this system moves east, snow will increase across the Southern Rockies. Read More >

Several days of rainfall have led to several areas seeing 5 to 7.50 inches of rainfall since 6 PM last Friday evening through 6 PM this evening. Today's daily rainfall generally ranges from 0.5 to 1.5 inches (ending at 6 PM as well). The above graphic details the swath of heavier rainfall, but is overestimated many areas south of I-20 due to hail contamination from severe storms over the weekend. A Flood Watch continues in effect for this swatch area through 7 AM Wednesday morning.
An areal flood watch has been extended through 7 am CDT Wednesday for the green-shaded area. An addition 1-2 inches could fall across a few areas within the watch overnight. Soils are supersaturated and any additional, even brief moderate to heavier rain will run off and flood typical low-lying areas or exacerbate ongoing river and creek flooding.
Light to moderate rain and cool temperatures will continue through the remainder of the work week for North and Central Texas. Cloud cover and rainfall will keep temperatures from warming significantly but most areas will see slightly warmer temperatures by the weekend. New rainfall totals of 1-3" will be possible so ongoing flood issues may continue for several days.
Here's a summary of our NWS Damage Survey for the thunderstorms that produced tornadoes and wind damage on Saturday, October 13th. There were 3 confirmed tornadoes: one EF-0 in Ellis County and two tornadoes (one EF-0 and one EF-1) in Hill County. There was also confirmed wind damage in Limestone County. For the month of October, we have confirmed 5 tornadoes, ranking the month #11 for total number of tornadoes in October (so far). For the Fall 2018 season (September, October, and November), there have been more confirmed tornadoes (5) than the Spring 2018 season (March, April, and May), which totaled 3 tornadoes.
The high temperature at Waco Regional Airport on Tuesday was only 50 degrees. This sets a new record low maximum temperature for October 16. (The previous record was 60 degrees in 1912.) This is the coldest high temperature this early in the season. (The previous coldest high temperature this early in the season was 56 degrees on October 7, 2012.) Waco also set a new daily maximum precipitation record with 1.57" (through 9 pm). (The previous record was 1.24" in 1925.)
Records continue to fall this fall. With additional rainfall on Tuesday, DFW broke the record for the wettest autumn, and the season is only half over! The tally for October is also among the wettest on record.

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100° Day Summary for Dallas/Fort Worth        Click Here for Waco

Average Number of 100° Days (1981-2010):

DFW - 100-Degree Days (1981-2010)

(March, April, and October have had 100° days,
but the average is near zero.)


First and Last Occurrences (1899-2016):
  • Average date of first 100°F: July 1
  • Average date of last 100°F: August 26
  • Earliest occurrence: Mar 9, 1911 (100°F)
  • Latest occurrence: Oct 3, 1951 (106°F)
  • Earliest last occurrence: May 30, 1928 (101°F)
  • Latest first occurrence: Aug 23, 1989 (101°F)
Most and Fewest:
  • Most in a calendar year: 71 (2011)
  • Fewest in a calendar year: 0 (1973, 1906)
  • Most consecutive: 42 (Jun 23 - Aug 3, 1980)
  • Most in a month: 31 (Jul 1980)
  • Greatest number of months in a year with at least one occurrence: 5
    2006 - April, June, July, August, September
    1998 - May, June, July, August, September
    1925 - April, June, July, August, September
    1911 - March, May, June, July, August
  • Only month to record both 100°F and 32°F: Mar 1916 (25°F on the 3rd and 100°F on the 21st)