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Severe Storms & Heavy Rainfall Possible in the Plains; Critical Fire Weather Conditions for Parts of the West

Scattered severe thunderstorms and locally heavy rainfall are possible across portions of the Plains today. Meanwhile, dry weather and gusty winds will result in critical fire weather conditions across the Great Basin and northern Rockies. Elsewhere, tropical storm Dorian in the Atlantic is expected to slowly strengthen and will likely approach the Lesser Antilles by Tuesday. Read More >

NWS Ft. Worth Office

NWS Fort Worth Office Tour and
Guest Speaker Information

The National Weather Service (NWS) Forecast Office in Fort Worth, Texas promotes outreach to our community by offering tours of our office and presentations for adults and school-age children.  We also provide guest speakers who can present information on weather safety, the science of meteorology, and the mission of the NWS.  





Tours are available on the following days and times, and must be scheduled at least a week in advance:


  • Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 1030 am.

  • Thursday afternoons at 4 pm CST, or 5 pm CDT.  

  • Saturday afternoons at 4 pm CST, or 5 pm CDT.

picture of weather instruments

Due to the compact nature of our facility, the maximum group size is 20 people.  Exceptions for slightly larger groups may be made under special circumstances.  The minimum age for groups of children is 8 years old.  Tours consist of an age-appropriate presentation in our library on our operations, weather safety, and or the science of weather/water.  The exact content of our talks can be adjusted based on the needs/interests of visitors.  We also provide a brief overview of our operations area, and a demonstration of some of our weather observation equipment.  Afternoon tours are timed to coincide with our evening weather balloon launch, which occurs daily at 5 pm CST/6 pm CDT.  Our tours normally last approximately 1 hour.


To schedule a tour, please email the following information to:




Phone Number:

Date you are requesting a tour (see day of the week and time options above):

Time you are requesting a tour (see day of the week and time options above):

Number of visitors in the tour:

After we receive your request, we will follow up with you to confirm the date and details of your visit/tour.  Please do not show up at our office on the date and time you requested unless we have confirmed with you!


If you have questions or  a special tour request, please contact our Warning Coordination Meteorologist, Jennifer Dunn, via email at, or by phone at (817) 429-2631 ext. 223.  Due to severe weather, staff limitations, or intermittent homeland security restrictions, tour availability may be curtailed.  Prior scheduled tours may need to be postponed for similar reasons.  Visitors will be asked to provide a contact number so that we can arrange for postponements as needed.  

Guest Speakers

Our office enjoys sharing weather and NWS mission information with schools, government agencies, or a variety of other groups and organizations in our community.  We can provide presentations on a range of topics, including the science of meteorology, careers in weather, weather/water safety, and the mission and operations of the NWS.  We provide this service free of charge, but do ask that you request a speaker at least a month in advance so that scheduling can be arranged.  To arrange a speaker, please contact Warning Coordination Meteorologist Jennifer Dunn at, or by phone at (817) 429-2631 ext. 223.  As with tours, weather or staffing impacts may occasionally dictate cancellations or postponements.  

picture of staff member conducting a talk