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Day 1 Fire Weather Outlook
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Day 2 Fire Weather Outlook
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Other Observations and Forecasts
24 Hour Forecasts

- RAWS Weather

- WRCC RAWS Weather

- 4-panel: Wind, Rain Temp & RH

- Probability of Lightning Ignition

  Precipitation U.S. Drought Monitor
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Soil Conditions
 - Precipitation Time Series - Drought Severity Index (by division)
- Current and Anticipated Precipitation Anomalies over the U.S. - Soil Moisture
- Experimental 0-3 Hour Convective Weather Forecast Products  - Soil Moisture Anomaly (SMA)
- SMA animated loop
- 6 to 10 Day Precipitation Forecast - Soil Moisture Percentile
- Soil Wetness
- 30/90 Day Precipitation & Temp Outlook - Crop Moisture Index (by division)
- SMA Change in next 2 weeks

Fire Related Weather Indices
Keetch-Byram Drought Index (Nat'l) Keetch-Byram
(Texas-.png format)
Palmer Drought Index Haines Forecast Stability Tomorrow's Fire Danger

Additional fire weather information for the state of Texas can be found at the
Texas Interagency Coordination Center

Dead Fuel Moisture Maps
10-Hour, 1/2" Fuels 100-Hour, 1-3" Fuels 1000-Hour, 3-6" Fuels

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