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NOAA Weather Radio Broadcast Schedule

Program Schedule Will Be Modified During Severe Weather

SAME Alert Tests are normally conducted each Wednesday between 10 and and Noon (typically around 11 am) and again between 6 pm and 8 pm (typically around 7 pm). Should there be a threat of or existing severe weather, the test will be postponed until the next available good weather day.

Product Description Broadcast Times
Zone Forecast A 7 day forecast for areas within 40 miles of the transmitter. 24 Hours/Day
State Weather Roundup Hourly reports of Sky Condition, Temperature, and Winds from reporting stations across Texas and Oklahoma. 24 Hours/Day
Short Term Forecast A 0 to 6 hour forecast of the expected weather conditions. Event Driven
Hazardous Weather Outlook Hazardous Weather Conditions that could affect North Texas  Event Driven when Hazards are possible
 Climate Summary  Daily Max/Min temperatures, Precipitation, Sunrise/Sunset times, and more! Approx. 6am-9am & 6pm-9pm
Ft. Worth/Dallas and Waco Transmitters Only