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Dangerous Heat Continues Across the South for Memorial Day; Severe Thunderstorms Along the East Coast

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White Christmas Events in North Texas
(and other Christmastime winter weather events)

2012 On December 25, a strong upper level system and cold front first brought hail-producing thunderstorms to the region, then a winter weather event that included snow and sleet. The storms produced lots of pea sized hail and occasionally slightly larger hail. The snow fell generally north of a line from Breckenridge to Palestine. The greatest concentration of heavy snow was in western Denton County and Collin County where 4 to 6 inches of snow fell. There were also isolated locations that received 4 to 6 inches of snow in Parker, Grayson, Fannin, Hunt, and Emory counties. The overall impacts from the sleet and snow were minimal but there were the usual impacts to transportation in the region when the snow froze on area roads that night; especially on elevated roadways, bridges, and overpasses.
2009 On December 24, rare blizzard conditions impacted areas mainly northwest of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.  Some locations received as much as 9 inches of snow from Jacksboro to Bowie to northwestern Cooke County.  Winds gusted over 50 mph, with drifts as high as 3 to 5 feet.  Portions of U.S. Highway 287 between Decatur and Wichita Falls were impassable from Christmas Eve into Christmas morning.  The 3 inches of snow at DFW Airport was the first measurable snowfall on record for Christmas Eve.  In Montague County, snow remained on the ground into the new year.
2004 Up to 2 inches of snow fell across much of North Central Texas on December 22.  The greatest totals approached 4 inches near Stephenville and east of Sherman/Denison.  Sub-freezing weather lingered through Christmas morning, and some patches of snow remained in shaded spots and north-facing areas.
2002 There were a few snow flurries across North Central Texas on Christmas Eve.  Many locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex reported light snow.
2000 Heavy rain fell across much of North Texas late Christmas Day, including freezing rain in Dallas/Fort Worth and areas to the north and northeast.  A severe ice storm impacted Northeast Texas December 25-27, with some areas remaining below freezing through December 28.  Numerous trees fell in heavily forested Northeast Texas.  Press reports claimed some areas were without power for weeks.
1998 Freezing rain, sleet, and snow fell in many areas on December 23.  The wintry precipitation continued on Christmas Eve in Central Texas.  Icy patches impacted much of the region through Christmas Day.
1997 Some snow mixed with rain the evening of December 25.  Wet snow fell most of the morning of December 26.
1990 Light snow fell on December 22, amounting to less than 1/4 inch at DFW Airport.  There were flurries on the 23rd and a persistent cold snap allowed patches of snow to linger until Christmas Eve.  Only some shaded spots had any snow Christmas Day.
1983 During an extraordinary cold wave, there was a trace of snow across parts of North Texas on December 23, including the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  The mercury remained below freezing at DFW Airport from December 18 through the 30th.  Some area lakes froze.
1975 Mostly heavy rain fell across North Texas on Christmas Eve though some snow mixed with the rain.  Flurries were reported at DFW Airport.  More significant snow fell before daybreak Christmas Day.  Eastland and Dublin tallied 2 inches, with 4 inches in Mineral Wells and 3 inches in Weatherford.  The highest total was 8 inches in Montague County.  Much of the snow in Dallas/Fort Worth melted as it fell, with a maximum accumulation of 0.4 inches at DFW Airport.  However, a band east of the Metroplex resulted in 1.5 inches in Terrell, 2 inches in Greenville, and 3.5 inches in Paris.
1974 It was a rainy Christmas Day, with some sleet in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.
1966 Snow on December 23 melted as it fell, and none remained by Christmas Eve.
1963 Significant snow fell December 21-22.  Greater Southwest Airport recorded a total of 2.5 inches from the event.  Storm totals were generally 2 to 4 inches across Dallas/Fort Worth; Emory reported 4 to 5 inches.  Only a few patches of snow remained the morning of Christmas Eve.
1962 Snow December 23-24 mostly melted as it fell, with only a trace on grassy surfaces.
1953 Light accumulating snow fell in Waco on December 23 but did not remain the morning of Christmas Eve.
1948 Snow, sleet, and freezing rain impacted much of North Texas on December 26.
1943 A widespread ice event occurred on Christmas Eve.  A trace of snow was recorded at Fort Worth Meacham Field on December 24.  Icy conditions remained on Christmas Day.
1929 One of the heaviest snow events in Texas history occurred on December 21.  From Clifton to Hillsboro, 24-26 inches of snow fell.  A long swath of snowfall in excess of 12 inches stretched from Goldthwaite and Lampasas to Corsicana and Athens.  The Waco and Temple/Killeen areas saw 10-16 inches of snow, but only a trace of snow was recorded in Dallas/Fort Worth.
1926 A prolonged snow event began on December 23 when 4-6 inches of snow fell from Brownwood to Comanche.  On Christmas Day, 6 inches of snow fell across Dallas and Collin County.  The official climate site at Fort Worth recorded 2 inches of snow, but the Weather Bureau office in Dallas measured 6.4 inches December 24-25, 6.3 inches of which fell on Christmas Day.  Much of the snow was gone by the afternoon of Christmas Day.
1924 Freezing rain and snow fell on Christmas Eve, resulting in ice accumulations of 1/4 to 1/2 inch at Fort Worth.  Only traces of ice remained Christmas morning.
1914 A rain/snow mix fell on Christmas Day, with a few flurries as well.  A trace of snow on the ground was reported at both Fort Worth and Dallas.
1887 A severe ice storm occurred on December 23, resulting in numerous downed trees and telegraph lines.  Heavy snow followed on Christmas Eve, with as much as 9 inches falling in Palestine.
1879 There was an inch of sleet and snow on the ground on Christmas Day.  In one account, the sleet and snow was said to have been so compacted that a horse's hoof did not leave an imprint.
1841 In the earliest record of a white Christmas in North Texas, soldiers were tracking a bear in 6 inches of snow in what is now Dallas.