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Heavy Rain, Snow, and High Winds in the West; Severe Thunderstorms Shift to the East

A strong storm off the Pacific Northwest will continue directing a stream of heavy rain, high elevation snow and gusty to high winds over much of central and northern California, the Sierra Nevadas and the Great Basin Monday. Thunderstorms associated with isolated wind damage are possible over parts of the southern and central Appalachians into the Carolinas and Middle Atlantic region Monday. Read More >





The first significant storm of the cool season will move through eastern Utah and western Colorado today and not exit until early
tomorrow. Temperatures will be noticeably colder today with highs running some 15 to 20 degrees colder than Monday. Below 
normal temperatures will remain in place through the week as well. This colder storm will bring snow to many places that have 
not seen frozen precipitation since the Spring. The majority of the mountain ranges will see new snowfall with the highest 
amounts most likely to be found above 8000 feet. Snow will fall below this with less accumulation expected and could fall as low 
as 6000 feet as the storm begins to exit this evening.  

Travel conditions will be impacted through the mountain corridors, especially during the nighttime hours when snow is most likely 
to accumulate on roadways. Winter highlights are in effect for this system...please see the map below for more details. Stay up to 
date on this system by visiting for the latest details.


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