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Republican River Flood of 1935

A Closer Look at

Cope, Colorado


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Amount of Rain Measured - 1.55 to 4 inches

Time Flood Impacted Cope - 3 a.m. Central

River Crest at Cope- 3:15 a.m Central

River Width at Cope-

"The main flood on the Arikaree River originated some distance west of Cope, Colo., where a heavy rain started at 6 p.m. May 30. The river started to rise shortly afterward and continued to rise slowly until about 3 a.m., then rose 4 inches in 15 minutes to its crest of about 6 feet. The discharge was 25,000 second-feet. At this time the water was 1 ½ feet deep in the main street of Cope, but by early forenoon the river was back in its banks." From Follensbee and Spiegel, 1937, pg. 32.


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