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National Weather Service Goodland KS
500 AM MST Mon Nov 11 2019


In 1911, a record high of 83 was set in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. 
Then an unprecedented cold snap, The Great Blue Norther, occurred 
across the central and eastern U.S. From November 10-12th, 1911 an 
arctic cold front raced south across the U.S. at 50-70 MPH. Ahead 
of the cold front severe thunderstorms and tornadoes developed. 
Behind the front rain and hail changed to blizzard conditions. The 
weather change was so abrupt rescuers searching for tornado 
survivors had to wear winter coats! Temperature changes for Kansas 
City ranged from 76 at noon to 11 fourteen hours later. Springfield, 
Missouri fell from 80 to 13, with temperatures falling as much as 40 
degrees in fifteen minutes! Goodland did not have as rapid a 
temperature change. Highs on the 10th were 61, falling to a low of -
2 by the morning of the 12th. Many locations set a record high and 
low temperature for the month of November during this event.