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NWS Goodland Presents:

2024 Storm Spotter Tour

A Storm Identification and Safety Presentation

(Talks Are Welcome to Everyone and All Ages)


Weather on the High Plains can be interesting and unpredictable. A strong knowledge of meteorology and awareness is needed for the ever changing weather conditions of the Plains. Meteorologists from the National Weather Service office in Goodland will be presenting information that will help prepare storm spotters and weather enthusiasts for the upcoming storm season. Our staff will provide an in depth weather presentation that will engage the audience by teaching them about the different types of storms, the individual storm features that help a person to recognize the storms potential severity, how to report hazardous weather and severe weather safety.

Please keep an eye on the schedule as we are anticipating holding a virtual presentation option. The dates and times for the presentation will be displayed below along with a link to register. We will likely allow a one to two week window to register for the upcoming virtual presentations. Registration IS NOT Needed for the in person talks. Please check back to see if the registration has been opened.

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Dates and Times May Be Subject To Change. Please refer to NWS Goodland on Facebook or Twitter(X) for any potential date or time changes.


Date Time (LT) County City Where the Presentation Will Be Held
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Virtual Presentation


Date Registration Link Time

(Rescheduled) Virtual Presentation: Sunday April 14th, 2024 5:30pm MT