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May 24th, 2021 was a day in which northwest Kansas won't forget for a while. On this day, numerous tornadoes occurred across the region. A cold front had moved through the area on May 23rd, and on May 24th, was stalled across western Kansas. During the early afternoon, storms began to form along and just north of the cold front. Several of them quickly became tornadic, eventually producing tornadoes across Wallace, Logan, Thomas, and Sheridan Counties. The most significant storm formed right over Colby, KS around 3:30 pm CDT. This storm eventually produced a tornado just northeast of Colby, KS at around 4:16 CDT. The storm progressed to the northeast, producing funnel clouds and tornadoes up until it moved into far northwestern Sheridan County. As the storm approached Selden, KS, a tornado formed around four miles west of town. The tornado slowly moved to the east, eventually crossing Highway 83 and moving into town. It was here the most significant damage of the day was observed as a multi-vortex tornado pushed through town, producing high-end EF-1 damage with estimated wind speeds of around 110 mph. The tornado then turned left, moving northeast out of town along Highway 83. The tornado eventually dissipated around the Highway 83 and Highway 383 junction.

Tornadoes are still being counted and this page will provide preliminary storm information on this memorable event. The page will be updated as more information becomes available. No additional storm surveys are planned at this time.

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