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Office History


Pictured above is the first unofficial weather station in Goodland, Kansas, located at the First National Bank on the corner of 11th and Main.  Weather signal flags flew from the roof to alert citizens of hazardous weather.
The observation history of the Goodland station include:

Location Observer Dates

8th and Walnut

H.B. Robinson

June 1895 - July 1896

9th and Syracuse

William Walker, Jr.

September 1896 - August 1897

9th and Caldwell

G.L. Calvert

July 1906 - July 1910

9th and Caldwell

C.C. Calvert

July 1910 - September 1916

12th and Clark

A.G. Thomas

September 1916 - February 1918

17th and Syracuse

T.A. McCants

February 1918 - March 1919

304 E. 12th

Frank Horton

August 1919 - December 1943

Municipal Airport

U.S. Weather Bureau

December 1943 - February 1991

920 Armory Rd.

National Weather Service

February 1991 - present

The first Federal Weather Station was established in Goodland in 1919 n the home of Frank Horton at 304 East 12th.  A plaque honoring Mr. Horton is located in the entry way of the present office.

 Severe blizzards in the early 1940's convinced the government of a need for the Weather Bureau in Northwest Kansas.  The official opening of the Goodland Weather Station (pictured below) was December 14, 1943 at Renner Field with a staff of 4 (1 man and 3 women). The first official forecast appeared on December 30, 1943.



On March 22, 1966 the Weather Station moved to the new annex of the terminal building at Renner Field (pictured below).
Ariel View of Renner Field

On February 20, 1991 the station (pictured below) moved to its present location at 920 Armory Road . This office was one of the first newly designed structures created specifically for the National Weather Service. The office operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Shift duties include a continuous weather watch as well as hourly weather observations. The types of warnings issued involve tornado, severe thunderstorm, flash flood, and various wintertime warnings.  On duty are a staff of 22 men and women including meteorologists and technicians.

Current WFO Goodland Kansas