National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

Light snow expected to remain over mainly the west half of the Tri-State Area today.
Light snow is possible overnight across the Tri-State area. The snow is expected to last throughout the day tomorrow.
Expect light snow on Wednesday and early Thursday. High temperatures will only be between 28 and 35 degrees on Wednesday. Expect high temperatures to increase to 35 to 40 degrees on Thursday and 45 to 50 degrees on Friday.
Visible satellite image at 11:00 am MST on Tuesday December 01, 2020 – annotated to highlight surface features associated with a large extratropical cyclone over the Eastern US.
Occasional light snow and flurries will begin late Tuesday night and gradually end by Thursday morning. Cold temperatures and brisk north winds will result in wind chills in the single digits and teens throughout the day Wednesday, with lighter winds on Thursday.