National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

Snow has expanded across the Tri-State region ranging from light to heavy in some bands. Conditions are expected to worsen as winds increase causing blowing snow. Stay indoors if possible!
Freezing fog is currently ongoing across much of the Tri-State region creating icy surfaces. Light snowfall has moved into the region with intensity increasing over the next couple of hours this morning. Blowing snow is expected throughout the day Saturday as gusts reach up to 50 mph.
A Blizzard Warning will go into effect at 5 AM MST/6 AM CST Saturday, ending Saturday evening. Whiteout conditions will be possible with gusts up to 50 mph leading to near zero visibility at times. Road closures are possible. This is a life threatening event. Don’t go outside unless absolutely necessary! Snow will end from west to east during the afternoon.
Light to moderate snow has begun to move into the Tri-State region. Freezing fog is still ongoing in some areas leading to slippery surfaces. Total snowfall amounts of 3-8 inches are expected across the Tri-State region Saturday, ending Saturday evening.